About Me

About Me

 Welcome to my blog, “The Hyper Introvert: Flying Shoes and Baby Powder

My name is Alex J. and this is the title of my award winning, best seller. I would post the link here so you could order a copy on Amazon, but it hasn’t been published yet, but the idea of it has been a tenant in my mind for over 20 years.  Basically, it is a guide to living with anxiety and trying to survive married life to a ‘special’ husband, raising children and dealing with all the other crap life has to offer.

If you were to look up ‘Hyper Introvert’ in the dictionary, you would find a picture of me, Alex J.  I have had many gifts bestowed on me such as ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder (and they are disorders because they make no sense to anyone). I also am Agoraphobic and I am Telephone Phobic- which isn’t a real thing, but it should be, because people on the other end of telephones are terrifying. I am hypersensitive and vertically challenged. I lack a properly functioning verbal filtering system and as an added bonus… I am Arachnophobic which is a real thing- especially to me who almost died twice from spider bites.

I have been almost happily married to Leo for 30 years. I say “almost” because people who say always and forever, are big fat liars or delusional when it comes to being married because it is not good all the time except in movies.  I have three children- Michael, Anna and Emily.  Leo gets a little credit for the kids unless they have done something super spectacularly amazing… then I get all the credit!  Teaching is my second career- not by choice, but because I was not accepted into Teacher’s College the first nine times I applied. I am now a Principal and I would not trade that for anything… except winning the lottery or retirement- whichever one comes first.

I have always wanted to write but needed to wait until I met my friend and editor Olivia, who has bullied me into following my dreams.