These are the people in my life who drive me crazy and give me something to write about. They are also my support system and the reason I continue to move forward. 


Oldest “child” in the family. And…I am married to him.  He is having a good day if he can find the floor in the morning. Leo is known best for wandering off and being distracted with just about everything including random thoughts. He can usually be found standing in the middle of a room or the garage wondering how and why he is there.  Leo is that person that can actually read an instruction manual and know what to do. Leo means well and has the best of intentions to compete tasks or finish things, but his brain hijacks him and takes him somewhere else. When he gets someplace else, he usually doesn’t remember what he is supposed to be doing. I am not sure if Leo likes me to call him “special’ or not. But, he really is.


Actual oldest child in the family.  Michael is the comedian in the family and the most quiet. He psycho-analyzes everything and everyone. Usually, when Michael speaks, everyone listens, but nobody cares. He is a tech geek who is full of attitude. We wonder if he has a secret agent position somewhere that he doesn’t tell us about.  Michael will not “rock the boat” unless he is in the mood for a good challenge and then he is relentless with his arguments and defense.  He is the kind of person that you do not want to make angry. He is comfortable in his own skin and very comfortable telling everyone else that they are not comfortable in their skin and should work to be more like him.


Anna is a beautiful young woman who shines from the inside through eyes that are dark, big and compassionate. She was like that since she was born but…she is so friggin ADHD!  Anna is extremely distracted and scattered unless you are talking about preschoolers or toddlers which is her passion. There is nothing she doesn’t know about their growth and development and what they need as toddlers and preschoolers.  I think this is because she is like them. Inquisitive, with a spark and light to learn. When Anna isn’t driving us crazy with incessant talking and even if she is, she is delightful. Anna is extremely directionally challenged- she got that from me and even needs Google Maps to find her way out of a phone booth.


We lovingly refer to Emily as Darwin’s theory gone wrong. If she were a guppy, she would have been eaten.  Emily got dealt a bad hand with random things such as breaking out in rashes if the wind changes directions, asthma, ear problems and other ailments. She lives with anxiety which I am certain is what makes her so compassionate when she works with special needs children. Her passion is helping the ‘underdog’ and going the extra mile for someone. Emily complains about her many ‘issues’ but always looks on the bright side by telling everyone “I may have a ton of other issues to deal with- but, I have the best hair in the family!” And she does. Emily is proud of this because I used to tell her she was my ‘Ugly Duckling’ but more in a don’t worry about it, you will grow out of it kind of way. And she did, she is positively beautiful both inside and out.


My mother gave birth to me and taught me how to be a kind and caring person. She is the epitome of compassion and dedication to just causes. She is a lady through and through. She is elegant, refined and polite. I think she wrote the book on etiquette. The answer is yes, it bothers her when I eat with my hands and wipe my mouth on my sleeve and dress in an eclectic style that is often not fitting for my age. But, I can pull it off using my ‘cuteness factor’ which I am encouraged by family and friends to use when things are not going well for me.


My dad is the 8th wonder of the world only because he did not die yet from all of his antics and miscalculations. He tells me we are cut from the same cloth and this comment angers my mother because she really wanted a quiet little girl who would wear a dress with pretty shoes rather than a female version of my dad. My dad is the perfect dad for a person like me. He doesn’t question things and is complimentary no matter how ridiculous a situation turns out for me. According to my dad, I was not a cute baby when I was born and he denied I was his and in the hospital, would point to other babies when people asked which one was his. I think he has put up with all my crap because he feels bad about that.


Olivia is new in my life and came in like a storm at a time when I wasn’t really looking for one (a friend or a storm). She claims she is part of my midlife crisis and asks what will happen to her when it is over. Olivia is that person that I have known all my life even though we just met. She is the friend who is the left side of my brain and keeps me in line while reminding me and making me reflect on how many talents I have. She is my VOR (Voice of Reason), she puts in the extra thought behind my impulsive ideas so that I do not get hurt or hurt anyone let alone get into too much trouble. She is in my face and serious about me writing. This is how she became my editor.


Friend by fate and sister by choice. She is my ‘person’. Maggie is the one that gets me when others, including myself don’t. She is by far one of the strongest, most beautiful and most intelligent women I have ever met and I am blessed to have her in my life. We have been through everything together and even distance cannot break the bond we have. My family is her family and her family is mine. It has just always been way.  I cannot recall a time when Maggie was not in my life. She is funny in a quiet understated way and knows the exact time to slip in a comment or joke to break tension. Maggie is the one who always believes in me and tells me that I can do anything my heart dreams of. When I grow up, I want to be just like Maggie.