What I saw when I woke up…

What I saw when I woke up…

When I woke up this is what I saw, a small brown ‘thing’. Leo got up before me as he always does. He likes to do that so he doesn’t have to make the bed. He announces to everyone and anyone who will listen that the last one out of bed should make it. That means grumpy, not a morning person Alex J. is responsible for making the bed.

I rolled over as the sun hit my face, thinking how beautiful to wake up to sunshine on my face. I glanced and saw a brown piece, pile or I don’t know what… Was it a bad fart that gave birth to small wayward poop? I thought my days of this were over, there were no small children at home. I closed my eyes thinking I was imagining it. I looked again and my brain went to work quickly noting that the dog was visiting at one of the kids homes so it wasn’t him who left me a surprise. Then I wondered how Leo could have left such a thing for me without realizing what he left. But then again, it is Leo and anything is possible. I was afraid to get close to it or touch it and I am not going to lie- I stared at it for a very, very long time wondering.

Suddenly, I remembered a conversational argument Leo and I had the night before about eating in bed. I have rules and one is that there is no eating in bed under any circumstances. Leo, has categorized snacking as not actually eating and had a bowl of chocolate covered almonds and apparently, one escaped… rolled around in bed with him all night until it took on the look of poop. OMG! Way to ruin my morning Leo!

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